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this song has been one of my favorites for more than a couple of years already, and it just occurred to me that I haven’t made any posts about the Japanese drama this song came from. Here’s a pretty decent summary that I got from a website:

Taiyou no Uta is a story about a girl named Amane Kaoru who has xeroderma pigmentosum, a disease where the body’s ability to repair caused by UV rays is deficient, played by YUI, a Japanese singer and actress. The movie was released June 17, 2006.

Due to her disease, Amane Kaoru is only able to get out of the house at night and needs to be back inside the house before the sun rises. To pass time, she spends it playing the guitar, composing songs, sleep in the morning, and sit by her window to watch a certain boy who is waiting for his buddies. Watching this boy named Fujishiro Kouji, a surfer, became her routine everything and all the while developing feelings for the boy.

Because she can’t go out in the morning she goes out at night and goes to the square by the train station to sing and play her guitar. One night, while she was playing her guitar with her cousin and bestfriend, she saw Kouji passing by. Impulsively, she chased after Kouji and bumped him then introduced herself. A few moments later, Kaoru’s cousin arrived and pulled her away from Kouji. A few days later, Kouji and Kaoru met again at the bus stop. After a short conversation, Kouji promised that during the summer break he would go and watch Kaoru sing. On the promised day, Kouji fulfilled his promise but, unfortunately, someone has taken Kaoru’s favorite spot in the square. Kouji suggested that she sing in another location and brought Kaoru to the city. Before singing, they went around the city then searched for a spot where she could sing. By the time Kaoru began to sing, people have crowded themselves to see and listen to her. Before going home they stopped over the road by the sea and continued talking. Not realizing the time, Kaoru panicked when she learned that the sun is about to rise. She rushed home to take cover. This was also the time that Kouji learned about Kaoru’s sickness. Learning this truth, Kouji made the decision to gather money, so he can have Kaoru do a recording of her song. This was Kouji brilliant gift showing how much he cared for Kaoru.

Kaoru has given up on dreaming but with the light that Kouji brought to her life, she was able to face her disease with optimism.


There you go. I haven’t watched it yet, but it’s already next on my list of Japanese dramas/ movies to watch. 🙂


Heartstrings Ep 14 preview


oh no! SHIN! :((

LM.C just turned 5!

one of my favorite jrock/ visual kei bands just turned 5 years old today, August 12, 2011! Though I have only been a fan for a a couple or so years, it just makes me feel so proud that they have lasted this long, and hopefully, they’ll never end. here’s a post from their facebook note (written by the vocalist, Maya):


Maya and Aiji of LM.C

Maya and Aiji of LM.C






August 12, 2006.

5 years, since then@


B1A4 – Bling Girl

a video of B1A4’s single, Bling Girl.

Performed in Singapore a few days ago.




“Heartstrings” to End at 15 Episodes. BOO.

copy-pasted from: hazelnutthursdays
"Heartstrings" to End at 15 Episodes

“Heartstrings,” MBC’s currently airing youth melodrama starring Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye is set to end on its 15th episode from an intended 16.  The drama will end on its scheduled finale airing date, August 18th.

The change is brought about by the adjustments in the episode line-up and shooting following script re-writesand Park’s accident in mid-July.  Production halted filming to allow the actress to recover, which resulted in the airing of a special re-edited recap episode in place of its scheduled eighth.

MBC is set to premiere “Can’t Live With Losing,” Choi Ji Woo’s return to drama on August 24th, and has thus far not announced any changes in this schedule.  “Can’t Live With Losing” takes over the “Heartstrings” time slot.

“Heartstrings” airs Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9:55 PM, KST.

Heartstrings Ep 12 Preview

after the heartbreaking, cliffhanging ending witnessed last episode 11, here is the preview for episode 12! I’m glad that Lee Shin didn’t really break up with her!!

Stars Go Dim – Hesitate with lyrics

I just discovered this awesome new song by the band Stars Go Dim. 🙂


// such a cute vocalist, right? 🙂



Music and Lyrics: Joey Avalos

Verse 1
The moment is here, the words are hanging off your lips
There’s nothing to fear, just let them cry out like tears

It’s so obvious, it’s plain to see, it’s written all over your face
All there’s left to do is say I do, then we can spend the rest of our days (together)

Give me all you got now, say what you need to say
Don’t you hesitate, hesitate
Show exactly how you feel, I’ll be sure to do the same
I won’t hesitate, hesitate
We can make this night last forever
We both know we’re meant to be together
Give me all you got now, say what you need to say
Don’t you hesitate, hesitate

Verse 2
We might never know, how good this life could ever be
If we never show, what’s behind our false identities
We can go ahead, make believe that we don’t feel anything
Or we can go ahead and lose it all but gain back everything,
So, What are you waiting for?

We can move on with the rest of our lives
Never look back or question why
We can make up for our lost time
We can come together baby give us just give us a try.

Give me all you got now, say what you need to say
Don’t you hesitate, hesitate
Show exactly how you feel, I know what we have is real, together we always will. Don’t hesitate, yeah.