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back to poetry

this day, i forced myself to create poems for my field study subject. since i’m quite proud of my work, i decided to share them. enjoy!!

Back Up

A high-five, a pat on the back, a smile on the lips

Encourages us to have everyone pleased

Satisfaction in belonging and working,

The connection simply breath-taking.

Hand-in-hand, step by step, side-by-side

A connection, a harmony, that’ll stand the test of time

Conquering doubts, regrets and fears

With weapons aiming for developing the years.


A side-glance and a smile

Who knew that it was enough to remove the shy?

A free moment to try

Try to chat, talk, everything between that lie.

A smile and the gap closes,

A step nearer and the whole world caresses,

A friendship established that moment

An entry, a log, a status announces achievement.

A touch leads to comfort

To tie laces and fix uniforms and skirts

From pencils and erasers

To lunches, juices and see you laters

Resting? No more, no longer,

Minding them not,

Something there inside is better

Than anything, nothing is greater.