B1A4 Jinyoung’s Teaser Photo for IGNITION + Spoilers

Due to a spoiler reveled in one twitter account a while ago, I’m not as excited as to how the other members look like. But still, I waited for the release of Jinyoung with full anticipation!!

Jinyoung for IGNITION

Oh yeah, in order to spoil everyone’s excitement (I am such a sore loser), here’s the picture of B1A4‘s comeback announcement on M!Countdown on the 14th!!


And one other thing, THIS TIME IS OVER is NOT their comeback single. B1A4’s new music video is “BABY, I’M SORRY”.. and here’s a screenshot of Sandeul in the MV!!

Sandeul screenshot on MV for Baby, I'm Sorry



B1A4 Gongchan’s Ignition teaser photo

At first I thought the photo was a member of B.A.P. or something.. but hell no! I can see Gongchan!!

// my mouth is still opening and I think I have not recovered from the shock.


Gongchan for Ignition

B1A4’s This Time Is Over Lyrics (with translations)

taken from B1A4 Translations:

// will be editing in case if there’s something wrong with the lyrics


널 잊으면 다 끝날꺼 같아 이 지긋한 꿈에서 깨워줘
i love you and i need you 너 보고싶어 미칠꺼 같은데

this time is over
왜 나를 떠나요 목숨보다 더 널 사랑했는데
아직까지 난 그 사랑에 갇혀
미친듯이 널 부르며 너만찾아

이제는 널 볼수 없다는걸 알면서도
아직은 덜 한 고통에 이게 사랑인지 내게 물어
아침에 자욱한 안개처럼 니 모습이 흐려
아니 점점더 지워져
눈물은 고일까 상처는 아물까 습관의 아픔들
니가 떠난 자리 그 빈자리를 계속 비워놔 그대 돌아오길

노래소리가 귀에 맴돌면 온통 내마음같아 아프다
goodbye (goodbye) goodbye (goodbye) goodbye (goodbye)
눈물에 고인 내 서툰거짓말

this time is over
왜 나를 떠나요 목숨보다 더 널 사랑했는데
아직까지 난 그 사랑에 갇혀
미친듯이 널 부르며 너만찾아
돌아와 내게

this time is over
this love is over
this time is over

부르다 널 부르다

나울다 지쳐 또 하루가 지나

this time is over
시간은 째깍째깍
가다가 멈춰버린듯 하늘에는 비가
time is over 사랑에 난 눈이멀어 아직도 그대안에 사는 under cover

goodbye (goodbye) goodbye (goodbye) goodbye (goodbye)
baby to my heart
goodbye goodbye

전화기에 남겨진 메세지 울먹이던 마지막 목소리
i love you I’m sorry too 왜 그런말로 나를 더 아프게해

this time is over
이 지긋지긋한 그리움은 이제 끝내고 싶어
어떻게해든 나 살아보려고 수천번을 계속 내게 말해봐도
그게 잘 안돼

넌내가 매달릴꺼라고 너 착각하지마
죽을둥살둥 살면서 널 잊을꺼니까

가끔 너란 기억속에 나 흔들리지만
지켜봐 기필코 널 잊는걸 보일테니까

is over



If I forget you, I feel like everything will end. Wake me up from this tiring dream

I love you and I need you. I think I’m going to go crazy because I miss you

This time is over

Why are you leaving me, I loved you more than my life

I’m still trapped in that love

Calling out to you crazily while only looking for you

Even though I know that I can’t see you anymore

To the pain that isn’t enough, I ask if this is love

Like the thick fog in the morning, an image of you is blurred

No, it continually gets erased

Will tears form, will wounds heal, these habitual hurts

That spot you left from, I leave that empty spot empty for you to return

The music sound is lingering in my ears. It hurts because it feels like my heart all over

Goodbye (goodbye) goodbye (goodbye) goodbye (goodbye)

My bad lying that’s mixed with tears

This time is over

Why are you leaving me, I loved you more than my life

I’m still trapped in that love

Calling out to you crazily while only looking for you

Come back to me

This time is over

This love is over

This time is over

Calling out, calling out to you

I get tired from crying and another day passes

This time is over

Time is ticking

and as if it stopped, rain comes from the sky

Time is over. I’m blind to love, I’m still living under cover in you

Goodbye (goodbye) goodbye (goodbye) goodbye (goodbye)

Baby to my heart

Goodbye goodbye

Your message left on the phone, your last voice that was on the verge of tears

I love you, I’m sorry too. Why do you make me hurt more with words like that

This time is over

I want to stop this tiring longing now

I’m going to try and live no matter what, even if I say this to my self thousands of times

it’s not really working well

Don’t think that I’m going to cling onto you

Because I’m going to live between life and death and forget you

Even if I’m sometimes shaken a bit by memories of you

Watch me, I’ll definitely show you that I’ll forget you

Is over

B1A4’s This Time Is Over

On March 14, B1A4 will be releasing their first full-length album, Ignition. As of March 5, they have already released their carrier single, This Time Is Over, which you can listen here.

B1A4 - This Time Is Over

Here’s the tracklist taken from allkpop:

  1. Get Moving (Intro)
  2. P.U.B (Title)
  3. This Time is Over (Single)
  4. So Bad Bad
  5. Single Night
  6. Oh-Eh
  7. Don’t Stay Here
  8. Tease Me
  9. Beautiful Target” (Runway Remix)
  10. O.K (Hot Spot Mix)

After releasing the song, the group’s website, B1A4.com, released BARO’s teaser photo for the album and the teaser trailer for their album, which you can watch here:

BARO for This Time Is Over

It has been reported that Gongchan’s teaser photo will be released tomorrow.


How to draw a HORSE.

how to draw a HORSE.

pouring my heart out on this word processor is torture.

Pamela teaching her children (1743–45)

Image via Wikipedia

Being able to adapt to the changes and come up with creative methods on instructing are one of the few things that define an effective educator. In line with being adaptive, keeping up with the changes in the academic world is also a characteristic, as well as a small burden, for any educator. This implies that being an educator goes beyond instructing; an educator has to constantly learn the said changes.


This is what scares me the most.


Barely a year into the program, and I already feel the pressure of becoming a decent educator rising. Expectations from the left and right, and even those behind me are slowly catching up. I keep learning about being an educator, but I do not know how to be an effective one. At first, when I was asked what aspects I should improve on myself as an educator, the first answer that I came up with was “everything”.


But why did I unconsciously answer ‘everything’?


I still do not feel confident that I know a lot about being an educator, especially one that handles the early childhood stage. I keep reading about how an early childhood educator makes a huge impact on the education of the child, and it keeps me on edge. As much as possible, I want to be the perfect teacher – I want to be the kind of educator that parents would feel comfortable leaving their child to. I believe that my classroom management skills are above average, as I apply them in the goings-on in my daily life, and so far, they have not failed me.


Grateful for my professors, I have already found out what kind of learner I am, and my educational philosophy. I find myself completely traditional – a visual learner and an essentialist in nature. Personally, knowing that I possess traits that are needed in an early childhood education teacher, I feel much more confident in myself. I know that in most preschools, despite the different curriculums, preschools want their students to learn the basics, something that an essentialist educator would gladly teach. Students at this stage are highly visual too; their attention is short, and visuals are among the top tools needed in order to catch the attention of the students. Who else can make an effective visual other than a visual learner himself?


Never in my entire life would I find that studying education would make me learn more about myself, not after my previous program. I used to think that Psychology would help me acquire information about myself; possessing an interpersonal intelligence, I guess it is of utmost importance to have a firm and stable knowledge of one’s self before venturing out into the open. I used to think, that if not Psychology, no other program would help me gain more insight about myself; and now, I am eating my words. Despite the results of various personality tests taken and interpreted, despite knowing what type of personality I possess, it was not enough. I became more aware of myself, but it did not give me direction on how to lead my life. My personality test results explained why I am behaving in such manner, but it never explained how such behaviour could help me improve. The small tests that I took in education gave me a specific view on my life; knowing my philosophy, finding role models, learning about the different aspects on being an efficient educator, and knowing what kind of learner I am all lead me into being a more effective human being. They made me conscious on how I act, and I learned how to detach myself from everything. I solve problems now by distancing myself away from the problem and see the whole issue from a third person’s point of view; I became more observant and careful of my words… I just appreciate how much I have changed.


I guess what I fear the most are my strategies and methods that I will use upon becoming a teacher. As an essentialist, I know for sure that I have the tendencies of becoming a traditional teacher. I fear that I may not be able to overcome this. I fear that I might constantly resort to lecture and direct instruction. I fear that I would lose control of myself and be dominating to my students. I also fear my lessons. I may know them by heart and soul, but they could all disappear once I stand in front of my students. I might stutter, keep forgetting what I’m trying to say and just lose confidence about myself entirely.


I have a handful of things to improve on, and I do not know where to start.

it will rain.

call me someone who lives under the rock, but it’s only been recent since I appreciated this song. I used to be quite a fan of twilight, but then I grew out of it. I already knew the story, and Meyer described the scenes quite vividly to the point that I can already see how it’ll be done in the movie. Although, it seems that they made the movie a bit more romantic and all… I still find it the same. Anyway, I tried not to re-acquaint myself with anything about Breaking Dawn, which includes listening to this song.

However, when I gave Sungha Jung’s version of It Will Rain a chance (around December 2011), I just fell in love with the way he played it. It had so much romance and love in it that it’s already difficult to compare. He made me wish that I could fall in love again (just for a moment only though!)

After that, I proceeded to listening to Bruno Mars‘ original, and I fell in love with it more. There is just something about a Filipino’s voice that’s so suited for ballads. Bruno Mars has this sad, husky tone in his voice which makes it more effective. He sings like he’s always hoarse, which sounds like his begging for love. He’s just amazing. I wish the video could improve though, I mean, one can do more than just sulk right? (see 500 Days of Summer). I bet scenes from that film would really make an impact and it’ll suit the story more. :))

Then just a while ago (even while I’m typing this blog), I heard of Alex Goot’s version of It Will Rain. Bruno Mars’ is better, but he just captured the emotion. It’s just amazing. :]

I bet there’s more cover of It Will Rain, but I don’t mind looking for them. 🙂 Sungha Jung and Alex Goot are my top favorites when it comes to making covers. 🙂