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Merry Christmas!

I guess this will be my first Christmas post.

Christmas is less than 3 days away, and after 21 years of experiencing Christmas, I’m still not used to it. Although there are times when I just think Christmas is starting to get overrated and commercialized; but still, it’s still fun. 🙂

So anyway, I just wanted to post this video. I didn’t make it, but it’s one way to remind yourself that it’s Christmas and that you should remember to consider your blessing and the shiny things that you have experienced in life than focusing on the bad and unshiny stuff that happened. 🙂


A Merry 2012 Christmas to you! 🙂



PT blog 02

December 7, 2012 Friday


 Every single time that I add something slightly stressful in my “stuff-I-need-and-should-do-NOW” list, I always start with tons of energy (“I can do this!”) and excitement (“I’m ready to go!”), then anxiety (“Can I maintain this pace?”), then realization 01 “Hey, I’m sort of tired”


then “Gee, I’m really tired”


then “Hey, my lower back’s hurting”


then “Isn’t it cold?”


then “The food needs more salt”


then “It’s really co-co-a-choooooo!”


the FLU life cycle strikes again.


I was not able to attend my OJT today because I was already feverish, and I knew better that I should stay away from the children, but I still went to school to drop off a task given to me by Teacher Ina.

B1A4’s This Time Is Over

On March 14, B1A4 will be releasing their first full-length album, Ignition. As of March 5, they have already released their carrier single, This Time Is Over, which you can listen here.

B1A4 - This Time Is Over

Here’s the tracklist taken from allkpop:

  1. Get Moving (Intro)
  2. P.U.B (Title)
  3. This Time is Over (Single)
  4. So Bad Bad
  5. Single Night
  6. Oh-Eh
  7. Don’t Stay Here
  8. Tease Me
  9. Beautiful Target” (Runway Remix)
  10. O.K (Hot Spot Mix)

After releasing the song, the group’s website,, released BARO’s teaser photo for the album and the teaser trailer for their album, which you can watch here:

BARO for This Time Is Over

It has been reported that Gongchan’s teaser photo will be released tomorrow.


it will rain.

call me someone who lives under the rock, but it’s only been recent since I appreciated this song. I used to be quite a fan of twilight, but then I grew out of it. I already knew the story, and Meyer described the scenes quite vividly to the point that I can already see how it’ll be done in the movie. Although, it seems that they made the movie a bit more romantic and all… I still find it the same. Anyway, I tried not to re-acquaint myself with anything about Breaking Dawn, which includes listening to this song.

However, when I gave Sungha Jung’s version of It Will Rain a chance (around December 2011), I just fell in love with the way he played it. It had so much romance and love in it that it’s already difficult to compare. He made me wish that I could fall in love again (just for a moment only though!)

After that, I proceeded to listening to Bruno Mars‘ original, and I fell in love with it more. There is just something about a Filipino’s voice that’s so suited for ballads. Bruno Mars has this sad, husky tone in his voice which makes it more effective. He sings like he’s always hoarse, which sounds like his begging for love. He’s just amazing. I wish the video could improve though, I mean, one can do more than just sulk right? (see 500 Days of Summer). I bet scenes from that film would really make an impact and it’ll suit the story more. :))

Then just a while ago (even while I’m typing this blog), I heard of Alex Goot’s version of It Will Rain. Bruno Mars’ is better, but he just captured the emotion. It’s just amazing. :]

I bet there’s more cover of It Will Rain, but I don’t mind looking for them. 🙂 Sungha Jung and Alex Goot are my top favorites when it comes to making covers. 🙂

Happy 2012!

better late than never, right? I keep forgetting to upload this.

Anyway, this is my (poor) take on some photoshop tutorial. :]

oh so happy!

new theme, new me(?)

it has been some time since i actually posted something about myself.

there were some bumps on my road in the past few months, and i just prefer to keep it to myself at first, but then decided to just open myself up just to release the tension that i feel tingling deep within my bones and spinal cord.

my pet dog just died, and he was only with me for a month and a few days. but those few weeks were one of the best: i finally got rid of a thorn on my side, and i just re-experienced how to love once again.

i deeply regret meeting him and i am sure that i would have survived even if we have never met. but he taught me a very valuable lesson: never entertain a man who immediately opens himself up to you. usually, men like that would make themselves look so pitiful and would use that as a weapon in capturing women’s hearts. i take back wanting to be his friend once again, and it shows by my unfriending him the other day. he WAS a good friend, but only so. i do not want him to know my secrets nor do i want him telling me what he prefers me to wear.

what i will regret, though, is the idea of never talking once again to his best friend. yes, i am being vocal about my attraction to his best friend. dare i say it to my thorn and to his best friend? i  long to, but the dears of my life tell me not to, for i am only going to make matters more difficult. however, how can i just close the lid to everything that has happened, especially when this involves MY feelings? i guess it is true that giving advice is better than doing them. i know the dears of my life are just concerned about my safety and security (for my thorn has tendencies of being violent), but i will confess what i feel to his best friend, not expecting anything in return. if you’re reading this, then, yeah, i like you.

Mayday Parade – Stay

it’s not every day that you hear a song like this. The lyrics are just sooooo… desperate? but not negative desperate.

Just enough to show how much the guy is in love with you.

If any man sang this to me (properly) after a fight, who  knows, I might forgive him, depending on the gravity of his wrong. :))


I need some time just deliver the things that I need for now
Everything that I feel’s like a warm deep calm casting over me
And it’s taking me to somewhere new

If you believe that everything’s alright
You won’t be all alone tonight
And I’d be blessed by the light of your company,
Slowly lifting me to somewhere new

Oh can you tell, I haven’t slept very well
Since the last time that we spoke, you said
“Please understand if I see you again don’t even say hello.”


What a night it is, when you live like this
And you’re coming up beneath the clouds,
Don’t let me down
All the love’s still there I just don’t know what to do with it now
You know, I still can’t believe we both did some things
I don’t even wanna think about
Just say you love me and I’ll say “I’m sorry,
I don’t want anybody else to feel this way”
No, no, no

Oh can you tell, I haven’t slept very well
Since the last time that we spoke, I said
“Please understand I’ve been drinking again, and all I do is hope”

Please… stay
Please stay

I’ll admit I was wrong about everything
Cause I’m high and I don’t wanna come down
All the fun that we had on your mothers couch,
I don’t even wanna think about

I’m not strong enough for the both of us
What was I supposed to do
You know I love you