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Changing Education Paradigms + my own (shitty) reflection

A few weeks ago, my prof asked us to watch this video by Sir Ken Robinson. I find this video a genius because it just is. 🙂 So anyway, our prof also asked us to have a reflection/ reaction paper about the video, and we’re “required” to be creative in doing our paper (honestly, how can you require creativity?).



After watching the video a few times, because the message has a strong point, and because the animation is just genius, I decided to make my reflection this way. I just had to printscreen it because I am a lazy bum.



type type type

I just realized that after reading Perks of Being a Wallflower, and John Green books(Lookinf for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines), I start to write like those authors. Just shows how much influence books can do to humans.

A Very Long Engagement (2004) – What if the amnesia’s permanent? Is it a loss for me or for him?

A Very Long Engagement Poster

Last night, I had the opportunity to watch this film in WarnerTV. Despite the film being around 8 years old already, this is the first time I actually learned of its story.


But anyway, enough of that. I’m not a huge fan of French films – I don’t know why, maybe I find them unusual, or maybe I just did not have any chance to watch one properly. This film is definitely French, and I find the film extremely (this might be an exaggeration) witty and creative. It’s a sad love story (hence, the name), but there are just some scenes were you tend to smile because of the witty dialogues (I always look forward to the postman scenes – MY GRAVEL!).


I won’t do a review of the film, nor talk about it. Go watch it for yourself if you’re up to it. Just a warning, though, there are some gory stuffs (especially in the first few scenes) so if you’re sort of okay with those kind of scenes, then be my guest and watch it (no sarcasm here). There were a lot of moments when I would just find myself gasping over some scenes and some revelation of a secret, but I never expected that I would be tearing up. Mathilde just did so much in finding her lover, and even though she constantly relies on signs and on fate, she’s pretty much admirable. Her left leg’s weak due to polio but she’s more than willing to travel all around France and dig some dirt on people just to get some information to where her fiance is. She finally found him – with amnesia.


It’s a heartbreaking scene seeing your loved one, and just treating you like you just met for the first time, and you’re all just cordial and all. It sucks. While watching how Mathilde saw her fiance (I keep forgetting how to spell his name) doing something on boxes, I cannot help but think “What would I do if my fiance has amnesia?” until now, I cannot think of how I’ll act – I’ll be extremely grateful if his personality’s still the same, because I can just win him over slowly – but what if his entire personality changes? What would I do? Would I just leave him and just hope that he gets better? What if the amnesia’s permanent? Is it a loss for me or for him? Would I actually hold on?

B1A4’s Sandeul teaser photo for IGNITION + links links links!!

Sorry for the late post, been doing something for a while, but here is Sandeul’s teaser photo!!


Sandeul for IGNITION


I am wondering, though, why Sandeul’s teaser photo wasn’t changed from the “spilled” teaser video for their comeback (refer to previous post about it) unlike CNU’s. Aren’t there any more decent photos for Sandeul? Or is it just because the hype went a bit down?


Well anyway, since it’s already the 14th, Imma share to you the cover photo of Ignition!

B1A4 Ignition Cover Album!


To anyone interested in purchasing their album, here’s the link!

B1A4’s CNU teaser photo for IGNITION + Some other news

Not much news, the hottest one is M!Countdpwn’s trailer for B1A4‘s comeback on the 14th. :))



To those who have not seen the comeback photo properly, here it is!!


B1A4's comeback!!


anyway… I think since there was quite some negative feedback on showing the teaser photos beforehand, WM Entertainment changed the teaser photo for CNU!

CNU for IGNITION teaser photo ❤

B1A4 Gongchan’s Ignition teaser photo

At first I thought the photo was a member of B.A.P. or something.. but hell no! I can see Gongchan!!

// my mouth is still opening and I think I have not recovered from the shock.


Gongchan for Ignition

How to draw a HORSE.

how to draw a HORSE.