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A Very Long Engagement (2004) – What if the amnesia’s permanent? Is it a loss for me or for him?

A Very Long Engagement Poster

Last night, I had the opportunity to watch this film in WarnerTV. Despite the film being around 8 years old already, this is the first time I actually learned of its story.


But anyway, enough of that. I’m not a huge fan of French films – I don’t know why, maybe I find them unusual, or maybe I just did not have any chance to watch one properly. This film is definitely French, and I find the film extremely (this might be an exaggeration) witty and creative. It’s a sad love story (hence, the name), but there are just some scenes were you tend to smile because of the witty dialogues (I always look forward to the postman scenes – MY GRAVEL!).


I won’t do a review of the film, nor talk about it. Go watch it for yourself if you’re up to it. Just a warning, though, there are some gory stuffs (especially in the first few scenes) so if you’re sort of okay with those kind of scenes, then be my guest and watch it (no sarcasm here). There were a lot of moments when I would just find myself gasping over some scenes and some revelation of a secret, but I never expected that I would be tearing up. Mathilde just did so much in finding her lover, and even though she constantly relies on signs and on fate, she’s pretty much admirable. Her left leg’s weak due to polio but she’s more than willing to travel all around France and dig some dirt on people just to get some information to where her fiance is. She finally found him – with amnesia.


It’s a heartbreaking scene seeing your loved one, and just treating you like you just met for the first time, and you’re all just cordial and all. It sucks. While watching how Mathilde saw her fiance (I keep forgetting how to spell his name) doing something on boxes, I cannot help but think “What would I do if my fiance has amnesia?” until now, I cannot think of how I’ll act – I’ll be extremely grateful if his personality’s still the same, because I can just win him over slowly – but what if his entire personality changes? What would I do? Would I just leave him and just hope that he gets better? What if the amnesia’s permanent? Is it a loss for me or for him? Would I actually hold on?


Beauty and the Beastly?



Beastly movie poster



On March 18, 2011, the film Beastly will be shown all over cinemas after moving it from the original play date of July 30, 2010. Why the move? Apparently, Beastly had to be moved in another date in order to give way to the Zac Efron movie, Charlie St. Cloud.


Anyway, I have always been a fan of the Beauty and the Beast story, and I have never thought that the story should be applied in the modern times. See how the vampire movies now create so much stir among the media? How can something so medieval ever function and exist in the modern times? And how can these vampires exist when technology is at its best?


Same goes for the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast. Fairy tale magic in these times? Seems impossible. But if the film and book would be taken seriously, the tale could actually happen. Of course, the idea of magic and magic roses would not occur, but the lesson of humility and acceptance is always present in everyone’s life story, thus making the story actually reality.


I have not read the book yet, and I am still considering if I should have a copy. Probably after watching the film, then I’ll think about having a copy.


Watching the trailer on YouTube, one cannot help but read some of the comments of other people, and it’s quite disappointing on how they bash Vanessa Hudgens for the role. I actually find her talented, especially if those haters have watched her as a stutter in the film, Bandslam. I am not a big fanatic of hers, but I respect her method of acting. It’s just a shame that the such a decent-looking film would have be tainted with the controversy that she has undergone before.


Comment on the trailers: Just like what a comment said, they film looks awesome and romantic but the need to see it isn’t as high because the trailer already told the story. Plus, knowing that the story is similar to our beloved beauty and the beast story, then we’re sure that this would be a happy ending.

Perks of Being a Wallflower?

“And all the books you’ve read have been read by other people. And all the songs you’ve loved have been heard by other people. And that girl that’s pretty to you is pretty to other people. And you know that if you looked ate these facts when you were happy, you would feel great because you are describing, ‘unity’. ”

“It’s great that you can listen and be a shoulder to someone, but what about when someone doesn’t need a shoulder. What if they need the arms or something like that?”

Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Perks Of Being A Wallflower


Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman as Charlie

Emma Watson

Emma Watson as Sam

Thanks to one of my favourite authors in the newspaper, I got to learn that such a book existed. And that such a movie will exist by November. I haven’t read the book, and upon knowing that Logan Lerman and Emma Watson would star the film, I suddenly had this notion that this book should be read.

I mean, the book has to be pretty good in order to be turned into a film right? Plus, knowing that Logan and Emma will be there, two of the most gorgeous people on earth, it’s bound to attract the audience.

I’m having trouble finding a copy of the book now. I’ve asked probably everywhere, and I have even asked the customer service to call the other branches in order to know if there are copies there. When they said that most of the branches no longer have copies, and that they were not sure when the next delivery would be, then I’m sure that I would have to resort to illegal means in order to read that novel.

Now that I have a copy of the book via illegal means, and that I have read a summary of the book, should I start reading? According to the summary, the book is about a boy who seems to be writing letters to someone, talks about his daily encounters and the new stuff that he has learned. It’s practically a coming of age story about a boy learning about the world: sex, drugs, alcohol, dating, music, movies and more.

So how about it? Is it really a must-read?