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Changing Education Paradigms + my own (shitty) reflection

A few weeks ago, my prof asked us to watch this video by Sir Ken Robinson. I find this video a genius because it just is. 🙂 So anyway, our prof also asked us to have a reflection/ reaction paper about the video, and we’re “required” to be creative in doing our paper (honestly, how can you require creativity?).



After watching the video a few times, because the message has a strong point, and because the animation is just genius, I decided to make my reflection this way. I just had to printscreen it because I am a lazy bum.



Merry Christmas!

I guess this will be my first Christmas post.

Christmas is less than 3 days away, and after 21 years of experiencing Christmas, I’m still not used to it. Although there are times when I just think Christmas is starting to get overrated and commercialized; but still, it’s still fun. 🙂

So anyway, I just wanted to post this video. I didn’t make it, but it’s one way to remind yourself that it’s Christmas and that you should remember to consider your blessing and the shiny things that you have experienced in life than focusing on the bad and unshiny stuff that happened. 🙂


A Merry 2012 Christmas to you! 🙂


PT blog 02

December 7, 2012 Friday


 Every single time that I add something slightly stressful in my “stuff-I-need-and-should-do-NOW” list, I always start with tons of energy (“I can do this!”) and excitement (“I’m ready to go!”), then anxiety (“Can I maintain this pace?”), then realization 01 “Hey, I’m sort of tired”


then “Gee, I’m really tired”


then “Hey, my lower back’s hurting”


then “Isn’t it cold?”


then “The food needs more salt”


then “It’s really co-co-a-choooooo!”


the FLU life cycle strikes again.


I was not able to attend my OJT today because I was already feverish, and I knew better that I should stay away from the children, but I still went to school to drop off a task given to me by Teacher Ina.

type type type

I just realized that after reading Perks of Being a Wallflower, and John Green books(Lookinf for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines), I start to write like those authors. Just shows how much influence books can do to humans.

A Very Long Engagement (2004) – What if the amnesia’s permanent? Is it a loss for me or for him?

A Very Long Engagement Poster

Last night, I had the opportunity to watch this film in WarnerTV. Despite the film being around 8 years old already, this is the first time I actually learned of its story.


But anyway, enough of that. I’m not a huge fan of French films – I don’t know why, maybe I find them unusual, or maybe I just did not have any chance to watch one properly. This film is definitely French, and I find the film extremely (this might be an exaggeration) witty and creative. It’s a sad love story (hence, the name), but there are just some scenes were you tend to smile because of the witty dialogues (I always look forward to the postman scenes – MY GRAVEL!).


I won’t do a review of the film, nor talk about it. Go watch it for yourself if you’re up to it. Just a warning, though, there are some gory stuffs (especially in the first few scenes) so if you’re sort of okay with those kind of scenes, then be my guest and watch it (no sarcasm here). There were a lot of moments when I would just find myself gasping over some scenes and some revelation of a secret, but I never expected that I would be tearing up. Mathilde just did so much in finding her lover, and even though she constantly relies on signs and on fate, she’s pretty much admirable. Her left leg’s weak due to polio but she’s more than willing to travel all around France and dig some dirt on people just to get some information to where her fiance is. She finally found him – with amnesia.


It’s a heartbreaking scene seeing your loved one, and just treating you like you just met for the first time, and you’re all just cordial and all. It sucks. While watching how Mathilde saw her fiance (I keep forgetting how to spell his name) doing something on boxes, I cannot help but think “What would I do if my fiance has amnesia?” until now, I cannot think of how I’ll act – I’ll be extremely grateful if his personality’s still the same, because I can just win him over slowly – but what if his entire personality changes? What would I do? Would I just leave him and just hope that he gets better? What if the amnesia’s permanent? Is it a loss for me or for him? Would I actually hold on?

It just came to me that I have been dating this awesome guy for more or less a month now. 

brushing your teeth.

I always believed that the first child that I would be teaching how to brush his/ her teeth would be my child. Apparently, I was wrong.


It was only this afternoon that I taught a child how to brush her teeth. I wasn’t as confident and as prepared as I thought I would be.

Looking back, I remember seeing her so shy and timid about brushing her teeth. When I asked her why won’t she start brushing, she softly whispered to me that she doesn’t know how. I was awed. A six-year-old beautiful girl doesn’t know how to brush her teeth? I took a deep breath and taught her as much as I can remember in the demo video the dentist presented earlier. I tried helping her verbally at first, but when I saw that she was not applying any pressure on her toothbrush, I took it and taught her the proper way how to.

It was heartbreaking to see that a girl so beautiful (oh yes, she is beautiful) not knowing how to brush her teeth. No wonder she is so timid and shy, she probably does not have any confidence. I remember when I asked her to open her mouth so that I could brush her teeth, I saw the effects of not brushing your teeth. It’s too horrid to explain and describe, and I deeply wish that with what I taught her, she would soon have good decent teeth, and so that she could smile properly. I also wanted to just explde and tell her mom to take more responsibility for her daughter, but I do not have any right to do that. I’m actually considered an outsider in their classroom’s world. I am not yet her teacher, and I’m not a dentist. Annica and I hardly talk but I often smile at her whenever she would look at me with those beautiful brown eyes.

On a lighter note, seeing that I can actually teach children how to brush theor teeth made me quite contented with the path I took. I mean, taking up education is slowly changing me: I used to hate children and their noise and illogical methods of thinking, but now, I appreciate them more than ever. In fact, I look forward in my visits to their classroom. I get so many hugs and I get to listen to their funny and simple stories that would just take away all my problems.

Now that I think about it, the reason why I am enjoying being with kids is because I’m the one who needs comfort and help. My one and only confidant is so busy that I can’t tell anything to him, my other friends are also too busy with their lives and own problems that I tend to bottle it all up. Being with children saved me. I owe them too much, and hopefully, I truly get to teach them once I graduate.